CPR® gladly accepts all electronic devices for recycling; with its focus on mp3 players, cell phones, pda’s, gaming devices and computers.

CPR® has partnered up with Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and a percentage of proceeds will be sent to children in need, while making our planet a greener place to live.

Prior to donating or recycling your cell phone, the following prerequisites are in order:

1. Be sure to have your service terminated. This may already be done if your contract has expired. If your contract hasn’t expired, make sure you cancel it or get a new phone to use.

2. Clear the phone’s memory of contacts and any other stored information. Manually delete all information and follow instructions from your wireless carrier or the product user manual on how to conduct a factory hard reset. CPR® will remove all data when the device is received.

3. Remove your SIM card and shred or cut it in half. If you are not sure if your phone uses a SIM card or if you need assistance removing your SIM card, contact your service provider or manufacturer.

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Many of your broken, obsolete, or unwanted gadgets are just waiting to be reincarnated. Bring them to us and we’ll make sure they’re properly and safely recycled, so they have the chance to, perhaps, come back as something more wondrous. It’s all part of our efforts to make Earth a greener planet.

You can also help recycle by taking advantage of our used and refurbished cell phone stock. Reuse is the same as recycle! Buy a used iPhone in Frisco TX at our location on Eldorado.