Your gadget has a problem. We have a solution.

gaming system repair Frisco TXWhatever the gadget, whatever the issue, we have likely encountered it and repaired it before. We work with just about every type of consumer electronic on the market, from cameras to gaming system repair in Frisco TX.

If you need PS3, Wii U, Xbox, Nintendo, 3DO, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Colecovision, Dreamcast, GameCube, Genesis, Intellivision, Master System, NeoGeo, Nintendo 64, NES, Odyssey, Odyssey 2, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Saturn, Super NES, TurboGrafx-16, Wii or Xbox 360 or any other gaming system repaired by an expert electronic repair shop Frisco TX – we have you covered. Our technicians are trained and specialize in identifying the problem and getting in there and fixing it, even if it’s from water damage.

We can also repair and/or service your DVR (digital recording device), DVD player, MP3 player, any hand held gaming device, such as Gameboy, all brands of e-readers, digital cameras and video recorders and even your GPS device! If it’s electronic and it’s broken, we can fix it.

But this is not what sets us apart.

At CPR, there are no pre-set prices for gaming system repair in Frisco TX on our website. Until our expert technicians examine your gadget and troubleshoot the problem, it is difficult to determine the depth—or the ease—of repair. We do not want to overcharge you, nor do we want to surprise you with added costs when you visit our store. We figure out the problem, what it will take and cost to fix it, and give you an estimate. With CPR® Stores, you’ll always pay the right price for the right problem.

We think this is a much better way to do business, and we think you’ll agree.