Specializing in iPad Repair Frisco TX

We’ll get your tablet back in action in no time!

We service all tablets and iPads, all makes and models. If you are still unsure if we can fix your tablet or iPad, please give us a call.


Typical Tablet and iPad problems:91777900

  • Broken digitizers
  • Broken LCD
  • Battery/Charging issues
  • Charging ports
  • No sound/No microphone
  • Water damage
  • Problem not listed? Check our additional repairs.


Today’s tablet is complex; often having as many moving parts as a PC or Mac. Due to this fact, it’s extremely difficult to determine the extent of an iPad repair in Frisco TX without a proper hands-on examination. We won’t quote you one price over the phone and tell you something different in-store. Let the iPad/Tablet repair service experts at CPR® diagnose exactly what the problem is and exactly what your gadget needs to be operational again.

With us, you’ll pay the right price for the right repair.

Plus, many of our repairs can be made on the spot! For example, if your tablet has a charging issue or broken charging port, we can remove the broken port and install a brand new connector, all while you wait. In the rare event that your iPad or tablet is damaged beyond repair, CPR has many options to get you going again.


Once a repair has been made, our technicians will test and retest the new part(s) to ensure that everything is working properly. We will also check the rest of the gadget’s features to ensure that it’s fully operational. You will not leave our store until your tablet receives the CPR seal of approval.

Plus, every repair comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.